The Flow of the New Year So Far

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Hello Readers,

It is three weeks into the new year 2012. I made several resolutions and have yet to feel I am in a flow with them.

One was to meditate more. I have recently repainted my living room and am making this a peaceful reading/meditation room. My new bookshelves were just delivered and the room is a ready retreat. There are no excuses for not sitting. The only one I usally use is that I need to clean the house first and then the meditation time goes by the wayside. It takes discipline and desire to truly take time to sit in meditation. And what I find is that you need at least 20 minutes to quiet the "monkey mind" enough to feel the peace of the meditation. That requirement can also be an obstacle so I let myself sit for 10 minutes or even 5 if that is all my body will let me do.

Another resolution is to get back to a regular yoga class. I am not good at taking classes at a gym or health club facility. I really like taking yoga at a contemplative yoga studio, where the environmnet is conducive to relaxation. We have a membership at a multi-level health club here in Cincinnati but I just can't get into the yoga there. So I am still looking for that perfect place. That expectation can also be an obstacle so I have just incorporated yoga into my day until that place reveals itself.

I also want to read more and yet it seems all I have time for is keeping up with the books for my bookclub, which I love. Our January selection is Tramp Abroad by Mark Twain. This book is a travel memoir during the late 1800's when Mark Twain and a friend decided to travel through Europe on foot. The book begins with his trip in Germany, and since I plan to visit Germany later this year with my sister, I am thoroughly enjoying his chronicals.

So what are your resolutions so far and how are they fitting into the flow of your life? It's only three weeks into the New Year so you have some time.

Stay with it and begin again!


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