Life is a Balancing Act

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Staying Light!

This is a scale that sits above my desk reminding me always that life is a balance. On the right is a small rubber Buddha holding a cell phone and cup of coffee and a smile. Notice he still keeps things light-living life in moderation, not taking things too seriously, and yet centered on the full experience of the moment.

That is a task for all of us.

Using the word BALANCE here are some thoughts to remember as you live your day.

Breathe. Your breath is your symbol of life. Pay attention to it and learn to use it to stay centered and balanced. Take a minute periodically during the day, to stop and focus on your breath. Breathe out any tension and breathe in warmth, light and peace.

Awareness. The key to staying balanced is noticing when you get out of balance. Be aware of how you are feeling throughout the day. Before you sap all of your energy, take time to step back and manage what you have. Be a participant observer in your life.

Love. You’ve heard this in many ways before but this is the key to appreciating all of life. Learning to love who you are and accepting others for who they are allows you the gift of compassionate love and understanding.

Attitude. What’s yours? This is your view of the world. You are what you think and what you see is a reflection of what you think. If you have a positive attitude before you open your eyes, you will see a positive twist on everything. If you have a negative attitude before you open your eyes, I guarantee something is going to be wrong with your world.

Nourishment. Feed your body with healthy food and feed your soul with healthy thoughts. We also nourish our selves with sunshine, laughter, reading, relationships and gratitude. I know you have heard this before but it’s so true. Don’t allow any junk food or junk thoughts.

Communicate. Communication is the act of both delivering a message with clarity and listening to the message of others with an open mind and an open heart. Listening is even more important than talking. Listen with a curious mind, not a controlling one. Let go of all you know and listen to learn something.

Exercise. We all need to move our bodies everyday. Choose activities that you enjoy. Walking is the most natural activity you can do. Get a pedometer. Put it by your toothbrush. Attach it every morning and work up to 10,000 steps a day. That is 5 miles a day. Depending on your life, you may have to get out and do a 30 minute non-stop walk to get all your steps.

How do you balance your work and life in a way that keeps like full without overflowing?

Have a great day!



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