5 must do tips for a Healthy New Year

5 must do tips for a Healthy New Year


If you do nothing else for your health-Buy a PEDOMETER. Make it a goal to get 10,000 steps a day. You can get the steps by simply walking, going about your daily activities, shopping, or dancing. Yes-dancing. When I have to get more steps in my day, I will put on my favorite music or television show and dance around my family room. I might also add some running in place, marching, side steps or fast walking around the house. You would be amazed at how steps accumulate just from moving. You would also be amazed at how few steps you get if you are not focused on moving. When I work at the office, if I don't take a lunch hour walk ( I usually go out for 30 minutes) I would only get 1500 steps in a day. Those lunch time walks give me an additional 4000 or more steps.


# 2

EAT BREAKFAST. Research has shown that people who skip breakfast pack in more calories throughout the day. By starting your day with breakfast you are telling your body it is going to be well fed throughout the day and you needn’t binge at points of hunger. A great breakfast is fresh fruit especially berries, high fiber low sugar cereal, live cultured plain yogurt and a cup of coffee or tea. A few times a week you may want to add an egg for additional protein. That’s great on days you are working out at the gym or getting heavy-duty exercise. We usually have fruit and cereal for breakfast. I also make smoothies in my vitamix with whole grapefruit other fruits and on days when I feel a little punky I may add a packet or two of Emergen C.


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