Questioning, Curiosity, and the Mystery of Life

I was reading an article about Drew Barrymore in today’s USA Weekend.
Life, Love and Babies At 35 Drew Barrymore wonders what’s next.

She is reflecting on the second half of her life. Based on her timeline I am 20 years ahead of her and well into my second half and I still wonder, “What’s next?” In the article she states, ” I am just a big walking question mark with an open heart…her personal life is still evolving.”
Whose isn’t? Even if we seem to have our life all figured out, that does not mean all the questions are answered.
I live my life as a question mark. I am curious about what’s next today, tomorrow, and in my future. I am curious about the people I meet, both those whom I may bump into by accident at the grocery store and those I have known for years. Life is interesting and although I may make some plans, and occasionally dream, I am willing to alter my plans or be interrupted if circumstances change. I consider life a dream made up of images and I am always curious about how things are going to turn out.
I feel open and free at my age. I am enjoying my home, being a grandmother, writing, friendship and more. I am grateful to be able to exercise and maintain a moderately healthy lifestyle. Regardless of what I need to do today to live it fully, I am open to be curious about the next moments of the day, tomorrow, and the time I have left to BE.

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