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In this time of challenge, change, and stress —

Are you being called to look within?
Are you ready for inner healing and wellness?
Are you looking to ignite your passion?
Are you stuck in your story and wanting to move forward?
Are you at an older age wanting to explore a new direction?

I’m here to help.

Promoting Health The Middle Way is about change,

and how to promote change within a path of moderation and balance. In these challenging times, we are being asked to change not only outwardly, but inwardly as well. If you feel the time is right for you to begin or continue your journey toward health and well-being, having an experienced, caring, supportive coach by your side can make all the difference.

My work is based on over thirty years of studying health and wellness as a nurse, health educator, fitness specialist, spiritual mentor, and wellness coach. The experience I share comes from lifelong learning and personal growth.

As a Health Life Spiritual Coach,
I will:

  • listen attentively with a curious ear
  • get a feel for who you are
  • suggest strategies for changes you want to make
  • provide motivation, inspiration, and guidance
  • work with you to uncover issues that prevent your peace of mind
  • point you toward building confidence in yourself
  • guide you to move forward in spite of fear
  • help you explore your spirituality and how to work with it in your life
  • light the way to unlocking your authentic self, the person you were meant to be

Is This You?

As a client

you are someone who has explored your own life and spirituality. You are open-minded and looking beyond old, outmoded ways of doing and being. You are motivated to heal yourself and move forward, but are perhaps stuck or unsure about which direction to take. Instead of relying on people and things outside of yourself, you want to boost your confidence and learn to trust your inner voice and intuition. You’re looking for tools and strategies to help you work within your relationships without giving up your authenticity. You want to discover how to live your life with grace, ease, compassion, and appreciation.

As a coach

I will always honor your journey and do my best to create an intimate, comforting, safe atmosphere in which we can connect and communicate either by phone or on Zoom. Let’s have a cup of tea together.


Mary Claybon Health Life Spiritual Coaching

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