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I don’t know what people need to do or who they need to become. When I first meet with someone, I have no idea where we are going, and where we end up is usually a surprise to us both. —Rachel Naomi Remen M.D. in Kitchen Table Wisdom

A Wellness Coach is a guide and mentor to you as you move forward with your life and health transitions. What I do is listen to your story, and learn with a curious ear who you are and what you want your life to look like.

We start from where you are right now and focus on the changes you want to make. Together, we come up with strategies to get you there. I do not prescribe anything, but will make suggestions. My work is based on years of studying health and wellness as a nurse, health educator, fitness specialist, yoga teacher, and wellness coach.

 Four Questions:

What are you eating?

What are you drinking?

What are you doing?

What are you thinking?


My philosophy of coaching for health and wellness is about how you think and feel at any given moment.

I have discovered through my own healing journey that the strongest foundation is moderation. When the mind is given the time and space to focus and reach a clear vision, and when thoughts are healed, physical wellness manifests. Yet, as Benjamin Franklin reminds us in his echo of the Ancient Greek philosophers:

Moderation in all things — including moderation.

I have often found the four questions above helpful — the most important being What are you thinking? What you think is what you create, and what you do comes from what you think.

I encourage moderation, mindfulness, and movement. With a balanced approach, I have helped people lose weight, enjoy exercise, finish projects, and relate better to loved ones and business associates. I have also served as a guide and advocate to those interested in prevention and spiritual wellness, as well as those in treatment for or healing from a chronic illness.

I offer coaching that goes beyond behavior and deeper into your thoughts, your philosophy of life, and your inner discovery of what matters most to you. I can help you become the person you want to be in order to live an authentic life of health, happiness, and peace of mind.

From Clients

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I was struggling with maintaining my focus on weight loss. Mary encouraged me to look at the big picture, and helped me become more mindful of what I was putting in my mouth. With Mary’s guidance, I am well on my way to achieving a healthier weight, and I feel much better equipped to meet the challenges that I will inevitably face. I now have a healthier lifestyle, not a “diet.

You have been a fantastic coach. Your direction and inspiration was what I needed to get moving towards my wellness goals. Thanks so much!

I have finally learned how to balance my life in a healthy way—my mental, physical, and spiritual “selves.” I have identified my true passions in life and have started to aim towards building them into my daily life permanently. My self concept increases on a daily basis through self-care and positive thoughts.

You were great at keeping me focused and very good at re-wording my negatives into positives (a skill I greatly admire).

You have been a fantastic coach. Having a wellness coach that has really gotten to know me and help me set individualized, realistic goals has helped me become more fit, slowly and more permanently. Your direction and inspiration was what I needed to get moving towards my wellness goals. Thanks so much!

Mary provided a helpful attitude that was just the right mixture of intuitive and non-judgmental. The coaching sessions were enjoyable and effective.

Mary approaches life and it’s challenges from a positive, down to earth perspective. Her coaching assistance has been a great help in keeping me grounded and on track. She brings the whole picture of YOU to the table — relationships with partners, parents, children, bosses, co-workers, and especially with yourself. And she does it all with humor and empathy. Mary is a wonderful life coach, mentor and friend.

The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician or other health care professional. Any communications with Mary Claybon or with representatives of or with Promoting Health: The Middle Way, LLC also does not constitute advice from a physician or other health care provider and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have no known health problems, it is advisable to consult your doctor before making major changes in your lifestyle.

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