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Hello, and welcome.

I love helping people define and attain their life vision and goals. With a background in nursing and health education, and as a yoga and fitness instructor, meditation and stress management consultant, I offer telephone and web based coaching in the areas of stress, nutrition, fitness, health, and life. I also host “The Middle Way Health” on Blog Talk Radio.

My other passions include facilitating a study group based on the teachings set forth in A Course In Miracles, which I have been studying, teaching and practicing for over twenty years.

And writing! I always have a notebook by my side, and in addition to my offerings on The Middle Way Blog, I am currently working on a memoir, which I hope to complete in this next year.

“The Middle Way” referred to on this site is a Buddhist philosophy based on the teachings of the Buddha that he could not heal the world by leaving it, but by living in it with compassion and detachment. In my own experiences I have come to realize that the path to health and healing isn’t perfection, but moderation and balance.


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