Happy New Year 2022 Poem

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Health and Wellness, The Middle Way Blog

I hope you had a nice holiday however you celebrate.

We celebrate Hanukah and Christmas. I grew up with Christmas, trees, lights, presents, midnight Mass, the Crib scene in the front yard-baby Jesus appearing Christmas morning. Then I married someone Jewish and my own house didn’t have any of that. Instead we would go to my parents house with my Jewish children -Santa came to Grandma’s house-made sense since Grandma and Grandpa were Catholic.

It wasn’t until after my parents died and my children were grown with their own families, that we stopped going home for Christmas. Then my husband surprised me with a tree and every Hanukah ornament they had at the Bronners Frankenmuth Michigan Christmas store. So in our house we celebrate Hanukah by lighting our menorahs including the ones in the window and Christmas with my little tree with presents below and I decorate the house with lots of blue and white.

This year one of my favorite things was giving everyone a Hanukah present from 10,000 Villages, a fair trade store, where gifts are orginal and hand made in third world countries.

There were lots of gifts for Christmas from and to everyone, but I think the favorite was the one my daughter gave to her nieces and nephew. She donated to the  Wild Life Animal Foundation and they each got a stuffed animal representing the species recipient-Elephant, Cheetah, Twin Orangatangs, and a Hammer Head Shark. I was so glad she did that to represent more than getting presents but giving something meaningful to go along with it.

Unfortunately, one of my granddaughters tested positive for Covid the day before Christmas Eve leaving her family to celebrate in their own home. Thank goodness for FaceTime and for the fact that life goes on even when there is a pandemic that seems to ruin things a bit. Yes, we all got tested lots this season and to date we are all negative.

All of our holiday celebrations were with masks, open windows, and distancing and careful hugs-what shame but at least we can in some ways still be together.

We got lots of cards and holiday letters, and this year the day before New Year’s Eve, I wrote a poem that will go in my New Years Cards.






Well I can’t believe it’s 2022.
Another year of Covid Blues.
For the first time I look for negative results
Because positive means bodily insults.

Our 2021 was very much the same
But at least we were able to enjoy life’s game.
We traveled to beaches and hikes by car.
Hocking Hills, Gulf Shores, North and South Carolina-not too far.

We celebrated our Granddaughters’ special events
Their hard work on Bas Mitzvahs and arties in tents.
Enjoyed our families with dinners and sports.
And got to see friends for togethers of all sorts.

We experienced life’s joys as well as life’s sorrow.
Losing a dear friend -the funeral is tomorrow.*
We are all getting older making moments more dear
And grateful for the time we have left to be here.

Steve and I still enjoy our time with each other
And also our separate interests so we don’t smother.
For Steve it is stocks and sports, and caring for his back.
For me it’s my coaching, courses, reading, cooking and keeping nutrition on track.

Together we enjoy sharing The Enquirer and New York Times
Dinner with Netflix and Date Nights with wine.
Daily walks, evening talks, kids and grandkids and dogs.
Reading and writing and updating blogs.

That’s enough of our ramblings. I hope you don’t mind.
Us telling our year’s story in rhyme.
You take care, stay safe and most of all well.
Can’t wait to hear the stories you’ll tell.

* Poem composed by Mary on 12/30/2021



  1. Ruth Powers

    Wonderfully unique way to tell the story of your 2021 – I liked it!!

    • Mary Claybon

      Thank you Ruth. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    • Ann M Musick

      Mary- I really enjoyed your writing. You remind me how important the intangible things of life are to our health and happiness. Cheers to a healthy and mostly happy new year!

      • Mary Claybon

        And cheers to you Ann. Thank you! Yes, indeed we sometimes have to remind ourselves of those intangibles right in front of us. Thank you again, Mary

  2. Becky Lindsay

    Well written, Mary. Liked the poem.

    • Mary Claybon

      Thank you Becky. Coming from a poetry expert that means a lot, but most of all it was a way to tell our 2021 story in verse.
      Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Betty Wilson

    Loved your Happy New Year’s poem:)!

    • Mary Claybon

      Thank you Betty. I am so glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Susan Cinner

    Hi Mary- we met at a IOC conference in Boston a few years ago (can’t recall the exact year), but never kept up w each other. I think you may have joined a group of us Wellcoaches coaches for lunch. Anyway, nice to hear from you, and wishing you a safe, healthy New Year!
    Sue Cinner

    • Mary Claybon

      Thank you for commenting. It is so good to reconnect with another Wellcoach. Loved that conference and hope to attend another soon.
      Thank you again-so good to hear from you.

  5. Cathy Hertz

    Loved reading your poem!! Inspirational and realistic- happy new year to you all, including you, Steve, your children and grandchildren!!

    • Mary Claybon

      Hi Cathy, I am glad you enjoyed the poem. Yes, at a time when there is so much uncertainty and we often feel isolated it is great to keep in touch. Thank you and Happy days ahead for you and your family as well.

  6. Bobbie Leitner

    Beautifully written, Mary! It is so special to “hear” the heart of another person through their written words! Your authenticity lifts my soul!
    Thank you for sharing your life with us!
    Happy New Year!
    May it be a year filled with peace, patience, and Grace for all of us!

  7. Bobbie Leitner

    Beautiful writing, Mary!
    Thank you for all your writings throughout the years! You are so authentic. Your words resonate in my heart and soul almost as if I can “hear” them out loud!
    You inspire me!
    May this New Year bring us all greater peace, increased tolerance and a more profound awareness and appreciation for the many blessings we have in our lives!
    With love,
    Bobbie Leitner

    • Mary Claybon

      Thank you so much Bobbie. I am so glad you could feel and hear the words.
      Your words are most appreciated. Love to you too.


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