Choosing Second to be First

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Todays Course in Miracles Lesson is 328,I choose the second place to gain the first.

This lesson is a deep reminder that usually we choose the
world as our first priority. Since
we are a special person in the world, we then choose to be right about who we
are and what we think. Although in truth God is first and our relationship with
God “should” be top priority, we may say this, but not mean it. This lesson is
saying that if we choose the second place in our minds (God) that essentially
we will gain a deeper understanding of life and will be more satisfied and
happy. The course often teaches, “Do you want to be happy or do you want to be
right?” If we are honest we would pick being right much of the time, Choosing
God and true happiness will have us question all of our rightness and we would
humbly admit, I probably have it all wrong. “Do you want to have peace or do
you want to have conflict?” We will say we want peace, but usually we choose
conflict-again, holding onto our judgments and righteousness in the name of
knowing. What freedom when we let go of what we think is true and right; let go
of the idea of winning; and accept the second place with a smile.


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