Looking Up When You’re Feeling Down

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Hope you are all enjoying life wherever you are, and whatever you are doing. I hope that if life is unsettled or there are problems and you are feeling down, that you are at least picking out those moments where all is good. Regardless of how life is going for you, we all have many moments that can be appreciated as good.

Here are some you may not have noticed. They all require looking up:

Look up in the sky in the morning and the sun come up. Or at dusk look up and see a sunset. Or at night look for the moon. I have two 3-year-old granddaughters and they love looking to see if the moon is visible at night. We look up and enjoy it’s shape and the fact that we may see a face on it or not. Sometimes it’s a crescent or a half moon. Sometimes its full. Sometimes you don’t see it at all.

When you are busy with your day, take a moment to look up in the sky. Look at the clouds. See what shapes and forms you can make out. Look at the colors. Take some deep slow breaths as you watch the clouds move and reform. Notice the spaces between the clouds and notice when there are no clouds, just a clear blue sky.

When it rains, stop for a moment and feel a rain drop. Look up as the drops fall from the sky. Sometimes we are so quick to put up our umbrellas, yet there is something mystical about being in the rain and feeling raindrops fall on our skin. Accidentally on purpose step in a puddle and splash. We all did it when we were kids but shy away from puddles as we get older.

It’s Fall and in many areas the leaves are changing. Look up at the trees and notice all the colors of the leaves. Notice the spaces between the leaves and notice the wind as it blows the upper limbs from side to side. Take a slow deep breath as you watch a leaf fall from the tops of the tree to the ground. Where does it land? Simply notice.

When we were little we had to look up all the time. We looked up at our parents and adults. We looked up at the walls where the pictures were too high to see. We looked up.

Remember the movie UP where the grouchy old man, who had lost his wife, had to look up and actually go up with the balloons.

When you are feeling down, it may make you feel better, even if just for a moment if you look up.


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