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Jeanette, thank you for visiting my blog and I am glad you are thinking about journalling again. I love my journals. They are like a best friend. I open them up and write thoughts, what I am doing or what I did that day, poems that pop into my head, the beginning of a novel, titles for books, deep deep emotions, funny stories, and whatever feels right to write. I do not sensor my writing or judge it. God forbid anyone goes into the cabinet where they are stored. Reading my journals would reveal one crazy woman but they would be interesting, that is, if you can read my writing. It is not easy. I sometimes scribble and if I journal with a glass of wine the words can seem to go all over the pages. But it is fun. I always have a journal with me when I travel and so along with photo albums I have the written word on my journeys. I have a journal for when our whole family went to Hawaii. I have two journals from our trip to Israel. I have journals from both trips to Italy and my trip to Spain. I write down my thoughts, images, the foods I eat and the people I meet. A couple of years ago I took a vacation all by myself – kind of a retreat – and would take my journals into the restaurants where I would dine by myself and enjoy writing. I have been journalling now for years. I don’t know what will happen to them once I am gone. Perhaps they will be buried with me or if I am cremated, they will be burned along with me. Who would want them? They are my words and my story and hopefully I will take out the parts that can be published and make some sense out of all of that for a book someday.


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