Poem I Wrote Instead of Meditating

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The Buddha in my meditation room




I'm feeling so resistant

Yet my mind is so persistent

I need a virtual assistant

My head’s at peace-No it really isn’t.


Should I sit or should I write

Should I journal or have a bite

Should I wake an hour earlier?

Or stay up late at night


My monkey mind is crazy.

My body feels so lazy

My thoughts are getting hazy

Was that assistant’s name Daisy?


Oh my oh my oh my

The time is running by

And I ask myself why

Where is that guru guy?


There is no time but now

You know the answer to how

Within you is the wow

But can’t I graze just like a cow?


I feel like Dr. Seuss-except….

Afraid to let my mind run loose

It keeps on honking like a goose

I think I need a noose.


Go sit and set the timer

Ask who and realize I’m her.

Reflect on Oppenheimer

Or relate to Mollie Steimer.


Don’t let these thoughts go out there.

I’d feel naked-oh so bare.

If you knew me you would stare.

Perhaps I should not care.


So expose yourself go ahead.

Just Follow where you're led

The fear will go I said

Don’t wait until your dead.







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