Remember the “Happy” in Happy Holidays

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Sometimes we lose the holiday spirit by trying to create the perfect holiday. I hope you take time to remember that perfection can kill the spirit of the moment. Relax, enjoy your family, your services, and the peace and joy of the season.

Here's a short poem I wrote to remind us all to relax and enjoy the holiday.

It is days before Christmas

And all through the house

There is stirring and stirring

Who cares if there is a mouse.

The packages are waiting

Downstairs to be wrapped

And there is so much to do

I almost just snapped.

Until I remembered

It's all about joy

It didn't matter

I forgot that last toy.

There are less cookies baked

And  more microwaved food.

But I notice our family

Are all in a good mood.

So I accept what I've done

And forget all the rest.

This happy holiday

Will be one of the best.


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