Shifting Gears

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I just returned from a wonderful family vacation in Oregon "God's Country." We had 10 wonderful days away with our children and granddaughters. After being away and having a very long day at the airport due to a flight glitch, I am back at my desk, taking a deep breath and moving slower than usual because I am "Shifting Gears." Enjoy this article I wrote about this very phenomena.



Your kids are going back to
school.  You’re in empty nest.
You’ve just returned from traveling. You’re starting a new job. Whether you are
experiencing any of these transitions or other changes in your life, they all
have something in common. They cause us to shift gears or reorient ourselves to
our place and time and circumstance.

I travel a lot both for business
and pleasure. When I return home it takes me a couple of days to get back into
the flow of my routine. I am often tired and feel a bit disorganized. Rather
than get upset, I simply listen to my body. Sometimes it needs to rest. Other
times I need a good walk. If I just go with the flow I feel much more balanced
and productive within a few days.

I remember when my children started
school in the Fall. Summer was fun and our schedule was flexible, but by late
August even though we still felt the summer heat, it was time to set the alarm
and get back into a routine. When they all went away to college, the house felt
empty and my husband and I had to reset our priorities.  It is all a matter of change and
shifting gears.

Shifting gears has an effect on the
body, the mind, and the spirit. We have to come up with strategies for easing
into our new situation. We have to cope with change.

In the book, Aging
Body Timeless Mind
,Deepak Chopra states “An estimated 6 trillion reactions
are taking place in each cell every second.…In order to stay alive, your body
must live on the wings of change.” Essentially we are always adapting to

Your body may respond by feeling a
bit off. You may experience fatigue or a sense of restlessness. You may feel
like you’re getting a cold or have a run down feeling.  Mentally you may feel a sense of
disorientation or not knowing what to do next. You may feel unorganized or a
lack of focus. You may also have a positive experience of feeling excited,
relieved or contentment. Shifting Gears can strengthen or weaken your spirit
and sense of connectedness.  

Some strategies for dealing with
shifting gears or coping with change are first to accept that you need time to
readjust. Recognize that a shift is taking place not just outside you, but within
you as well. Ease back into your life situation slowly. You may need to take
time off work. If you just returned from a vacation it is good to plan for a
day off to unpack and prepare to get back to your normal working routine.

 It takes time to adapt to a change in your life, and if it is
a big change you may need more time to adapt. Give yourself time to adjust to
your current situation. Allow your body and mind to relax as needed. Take a nap
or take a walk, whichever is most helpful. Most of all, practice mindfulness-
staying in the present moment and accepting a short period of chaos while your
body, mind and spirit adapt to change.


Mary Claybon is a life and
wellness coach, writer and speaker with over 30 years of experience in the
field of health and wellness. Through her business Promoting Health: The Middle
Way LLC, Mary has facilitated wellness programs for businesses and individuals
and now offers telephone and web based coaching nationally to facilitate
lasting behavior change. Mary also facilitates A Course in Miracles group in
Cincinnati, Ohio. Visit
or call Mary at 513-309-8377. Mary’s e-mail is







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