Taking a Break with Sunflowers

by | Jul 6, 2009 | Health and Wellness

The other day, I was working very productively when my girlfriend called and asked-"Do you have 15 minutes? I promise, that's all we need. I want you to see something." I thought, Do I dare take a break? Oh yes! It's usually not hard for me to get sidetracked. I better bring my camera.

She took me to a field of sunflowers, literally a few minutes from my house. I never noticed all the sunflowers. Perhaps they just bloomed. Of course!

Well I love sunflowers. They are such an interesting and happy flower! They face the sun, in fact, I think, their stems orient eastward. Here is an article about sunflowers on Wikipedia

I could have closed my eyes and opened them and pretended I was in Spain or France for a moment on a vacation outing with my dear friend. Well-it was a wonderful break and it made me smile. It only took 15 minutes and it was the best break of the day. A moment with a girlfriend, a moment with my favorite flower, and a mini vacation in my mind.

I came back and was even more productive. Breaks are good!


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