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I have been writing about my daily life since 1985. I started by writing on 3×5 cards and eventually put my journals in notebooks and assorted blank books like you get at the book stores. I enjoy the act of using a real pen on paper and writing the words that come to mind. My journals are like a diary, but also includes notes from workshops and reflections on books I've read or movies I've seen.

I started my blog a couple of years ago. The blog seems more official and of course more out there. I feel more exposed and less private, but of course that is the point isn't it? My blog includes self-help articles as well as reflections of my experiences. It takes  turning on the computer, going to my blog, sitting down and composing, some quick editing and voila, the words are out there.

I love both forms of writing, but I will always favor my private little journals that follow me through life. I now have over 50 journals that span my life these last 25 years. I can see how I felt as a younger woman, married and raising my three children and now in empty nest continuing my journey.

Writing will always be part of my life in one way, shape or form.


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