What Good is Your Wealth Without Your Health?

by | Jun 26, 2007 | Uncategorized

More and more people talk about saving for retirement or at least working well into their senior years because they did not save for their retirement. Whatever your plan for staying financially secure in old age, make sure you include a wellness program in your plan. If not, you may be spending your hard earned and smartly invested funds on your healthcare. It costs over $40,000 for bipass surgery, which of course is usually covered fairly well by your health insurance, but think about your medications to keep your heart and blood vessels clear to prevent repeat open heart surgery. Cancer is one of the most expensive diseases, and much of it can be prevented. Even if you do get sick in old age, the more you invest in your wellness and healthy lifestyle now the more capable you are of healing and recuperating later. So what good is your wealth without your health? If your going to invest money and time for you and your family’s future security and pleasure, think about the state of your body and mind and invest time and energy into health and wellness by daily exercise, smart eating, and a positive attitude. Live your life as if today is the last day of your life and as if you are going to live to 100.


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