Merry Christmakah!

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It's the Holiday Season and I want to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday, whatever you celebrate!

We celebrate both holidays-Hanukah and Christmas. As many of you know, my husband and I come from different faiths. Our 38 year marriage still strong with more love than ever, has had its challenges. One of those challenges was the holiday. I was raised with Christmas being a very big deal both religiously and full of gifts, great food, and lots of decorations. He was raised with Hanukah which was a much more sedate holiday. For most of our marriage we went to Chicago for Christmas, but last year we ended that tradition and stayed home in Cincinnati to celebrate with our grown children and grandchildren. My husband surprised me with a tree. It did have conditions. It was a pre-lit tree with white lights. And then in individual boxes were several ornaments that he had ordered from Brommers Christmas Store in Frankenmuth, Michigan. They were all Hanukah symbols – menorahs, Stars of David, Israeli flags and dredels. I loved them. Each ornament is beautiful and the tree fits perfect on a small wall in our family room. It made not going to Chicago okay.

This year Christmas and Hanukah fall together. So tonight, Christmas Day is also the 6th night of Hanukah. We will light our menorahs and enjoy Christmas. There are gifts under the tree, some from Santa for our granddaughter. She and her parents spend Christmas Eve with us and then spend the night. She is being raised Jewish but her parents said it was okay for Santa to leave a few things for her. We put that order in. Our youngest daughter is also with us. She flew in from Boston. Later we will all go over to my son and daughter in law's to continue gift giving and have dinner.

I am writing this early on Christmas day and noone is up yet. I have the turkey in the oven and the gifts and stockings are ready for the excitement when everyone wakes up. I have been up since 5:30 AM. I love the peace and quiet, and was hoping to do some writing.

We will have breakfast and then my husband will be going to the synagogue this morning to set up beds and a home environment for local homeless people. Our synagogue offers parts of the building during holidays. There will be congregants who are feeding them and meeting their needs for the next week.

Well-I must go-I hear someone waking up.

Have a Happy Holiday and I will write more soon.

I would love to hear how you spend your holiday.

Bless you all this season.



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