Mountain or Molehill

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Mountain or Molehill:
Keeping Life in Perspective

by Mary Claybon

Some people these days would say a
molehill is a big deal. After all these little pointed mice like creatures can
tunnel through our yards and mess up our flower beds in no time. And mountains?
They are there to enjoy, to climb, to offer slopes for skiing and hiking
trails. Yet the saying, make a mountain out of a molehill implies that we are
making a big deal out of a small issue.

Molehills are upsetting and yet in
the long haul, with a big picture view they are not a disaster. Brain tumors
and terminal cancer are a big deal and like mountains are a journey not easy to
climb. Given the choice of being in pain, losing a limb or loved one, fighting
cancer, or our house burning down, we would all choose the molehills.

How often do you notice yourself
freaking out over day to day inconveniences or small things that just don’t go
according to plan? Recently my husband
and I created a rock fountain in our back yard. Four hundred pounds of rocks
later and at least three arguments, we finally finished our masterpiece. We
were so proud, took pictures and apologized for our unkind words to each other.
The results were a beautiful flow of water around the rocks. Two hours later we
noticed the flow had decreased and the water was leaking somewhere under the
rocks. It was disappointing and disturbed both of out sleep that week. Our
stress increased and our peace of mind was lost-all over a simple garden
project. The truth is we made it a mountain-something to climb and achieve and
could not handle its imperfection.

If that same weekend one of us was
diagnosed with cancer, we would have loved to struggle with a fountain rather
than begin the struggle with this disease.

Next time you get upset, stop and
remind yourself that you have two arms, two legs, you can walk and as far as
you know you still have a lot of life left to live unless you kill yourself
with stressful thoughts.

Most problems have a solution and
those that don’t are a waste of time fretting about. Stay in the moment and
focus on what is really bothering you. Did you ever notice that a stubbed toe
hurts a lot worse when you’re in a bad mood? How much time have you wasted
lately being upset about something that was no big deal?

I am amazed at how some people who
are paralyzed or are faced with big problems can take life in stride and
maintain their sense of joy, while people without these obstacles are never

There is a value in keeping a
gratitude journal. Write down everything you have and are grateful for
everyday, so that when you freak out over trivialities you can be reminded that
you are already at the top of your own mountain from where molehills don’t look
so bad.

Mary Claybon
is a life and wellness coach with over 30 years of experience in health and
wellness. Through her business Promoting Health: The Middle Way LLC, Mary has
facilitated wellness programs for businesses and individuals and now offers
telephone and web based coaching nationally to promote lasting change. Mary
also facilitates A Course in Miracles group in Cincinnati, Ohio.
or call Mary at 513-309-8377. Mary’s e-mail is

PS-I wrote this article last year for a holistic publication. Today, my husband and I took the rock fountain apart and are filling it in with dirt. It was too much maintenance. We are repurposing the rocks and filling it all in with dirt and plants. We haven't had a fight yet. I hope you enjoyed the article.






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