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by | Sep 13, 2009 | Health and Wellness

At a time when we feel threatened by the flu season, this article, which I wrote for Infinity Magazine may give a new perspective on staying WELL. Enjoy!



don’t believe in the germ theory. I believe in the conflict theory. If it were
true that germs were the sole cause of illness, we would be sick all the time.
There are millions of microorganisms and infectious diseases everywhere-where
we live, work, play, shop, and eat.

Stress and conflict play a major
role in whether we are well or sick. Next time you get sick, ask yourself what
was or is going on in your life during this time? Chances are you have had
conflict and stress in your life. A broken heart can break down the body. When
we suffer from aches and pains, chances are you also have pain in your

Research is showing that our
emotions cause at least 75 % of all disease. In his classic book The Power of Positive Thinking,
Norman Vincent Peale quotes a physician who said, “Many of my patients have
nothing wrong with them except their thoughts.”

massage, hypnosis, acupuncture, and hands on healing work because they all have
one thing in common; they promote relaxation of the body and the mind creating
a more balanced state for healing. Healing practitioners must center and
balance their own energy for healing to occur.

Emotions that make us ill are anger, guilt, boredom, and fear. We can
suppress our emotions or recognize them.  Psychotherapy and counseling can be helpful because bringing
all of these emotions to the surface without the proper guidance to deal with
them can make us sicker.

Obviously delving into the mind and the emotions is difficult because
every human being is different. How we see life and react to change and stress
is individual. Our medical system can measure physical changes in the body with
laboratory evaluations of the blood and body fluids, but measuring what is on
our mind and how we deal with stress is much more difficult making Mind Body
medicine a challenge.

Doing everything right, watching what you eat, eating a low cholesterol
diet, running and lifting weights, and abstaining from cigarettes and alcohol
are not necessarily a guarantee for staying well. On the other hand, this does
not mean that you should throw all the lifestyle rules out the window. What you
have to realize is that if by doing all of these positive behaviors you are
full of negative energy and stress, your body might look healthy but your mind
is sick.

When the mind is sick, the body suffers and yet by trusting that we have
a choice of what we want to think, the power of healing is in our own hands. We
have the capacity to restore our physical, emotional and spiritual health by
simply desiring to be well. This kind of healing goes deeper than taking
medicine or having surgery to repair or remove a sick part of the body. We have
to believe that we can change our cells by changing our thoughts and when our
thoughts are negative the body will suffer.


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