2009 Goals

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I just finished writing my goals for 2009. Wow! I have busy
year ahead. I have divided the goals as Writing Goals –including keeping up
this blog. HOME (Happy Open Meditative Environment) Goals, Business
Goals, A Course in Miracles Goals, and Personal Goals. 

Every month I also write
a list of monthly goals to check off as I accomplish them. Weekly and daily
lists are on my palm pilot and pretty much coincides with my calendar schedule.
My day begins around 6:30 and ends around 10:30. My most productive time is
during the day. After dinner is usually a quiet leisure time. We often eat
dinner late to accommodate our exercise time. I would love to hear how others
plan their year, months, weeks and days. 

Of course remember: The quickest way to make God laugh-tell Him
your plans!

I am always open to all of them changing in an instant!!

Have a great year, month, week, and day!!


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