The New Year Has Begun

by | Jan 2, 2009 | Uncategorized

Happy New Year. It is the second day of the year and I have
managed to stay balanced, not by long sitting meditation or disciplined yoga,
but by maintaining an awareness of my energy and state of mind. We still have
out of town company and we are entertaining again tonight. I had a party
yesterday and partied at my daughter’s house on New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow we are
celebrating my son’s birthday. On Sunday when our family goes home after a busy
holiday week, our nest will resume its state of emptiness and there will be no
excuse for not taking quiet time.  One thing I have found very helpful is to keep our stereo
playing peaceful and soothing music. That does not mean it can’t have a bit of
a beat. I like to break out into a dance every once in awhile. Dancing has a
way of balancing energy.

I hope you are all enjoying the dance of life as the New
Year begins.






































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