Listening Prayer -Notes from my retreat at Gethsemane

by | Feb 13, 2009 | Health and Wellness

Two weeks ago I spent a couple of days at one of my favorite places. It is quiet, spiritual, Catholic, and the perfect setting for contemplation and prayer. I forgot how much I longed for this space. My retreat was not completely silent. I met a wonderful group of people who retreat there every year. They were from all different religious and spiritual places-Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Jewish, and all coming with the same intention-to deepen their connection to God; to settle the stir within; and to catch up on real life and the spiritual life inside.

This place discourages the use of cell phones and has not wireless connection, therefore our normal communication connections become secondary to our soul connections which take no technology-what a nice space to be in.
I spent time in prayer, discussion, consultation with two wonderful priest/monks and started reading Thomas Merton again. He and I could have had some great discussions. He reminds me to continue the journey to authenticity on my path.
Now I am home, the phones are ringing, I am obviously back on my computer, and busy with day to day life. 
Tomorrow I will be leading a retreat of my own.
Remember to remember to breathe and pray


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