Reflective and Grateful

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I noticed its two months since I worked on my "weekly" blog. Life passes by so fast. Since my last post I have facilitated an all day Course in Miracles retreat on Valentine's Day, the perfect day to celebrate love and forgiveness. We had a wonderful group of people on a rather cold day in a warm and comfortable room at Graileville Retreat Center here in Cincinnati. We all enjoyed having a day together so much that we have scheduled another retreat this year for September 12. If you are interested e-mail me at

In March I had a wonderful visit with my granddaughter Lexi in Ann Arbor and then went on to spend several days with my sister and my nieces and nephews. It was their spring break and time to play. One day we went to five parks guided by my cell phone navigation system. What fun! It was like a new adventure each time and if you go to my Facebook page, my new profile picture is from a photo on one of the park rides.

I also spent two marvelous days with my Godmother in Chicago. We had time to chat and dine together as well as attend The Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Jerusalem Lecture on Jewish Catholic relations. This year's lecture was on Abraham and his relevance to the monotheism of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

And then along came April and the Easter and Passover holidays brought family and friends together.
We had the best Passover Seder with our granddaughters and our children.

In between all of this I am continuing to coach more clients and am working on my chapter for the book Discovering Your Inner Strengths coming out in June of 2009.

I have also updated My website my website. Please visit and send me a note with any comments or feedback.

I promise to write a more reflective post by the end of this month.



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