What is Your Stress Personality?

by | Apr 9, 2010 | Health and Wellness

April is National Stress Awareness Month

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How do you react to stress? What is your stress personality? Here is a list of the various personality types related to stress.

TYPE A personality people often have an underlying feeling of hostility. They have a send of urgency. They are perfectionists and worry a lot. They beat themself up when they fail. They do a lot of negative self talk and have a strong inner critic.This personality type is often associated with heart disease and heart attacks.

TYPE B people are more laid back. They have less of a sense of urgency and roll with the punches. Things don't have to be perfect. They are able to accept failure as a learning experience. This is the healthiest personality. They flow with life and are often more content and happy.

TYPE C people hold things in. They often look calm when they are under stress. The Type C personality has been associated with psychosomatic illness and cancer.

RESILIENT people have a hardiness factor. They see life as a challenge and find meaning and purpose in life. They are often active and socially connected. Resiliency has been associated with long life. Resilient people are able to maintain autonomy and control without being overcontrolling or obsessive. They are very adaptive.

PESSIMIST is the personality of people who often see the negative aspects of life. The glass is half empty instead of half full.

OPTIMIST is the personality of people who see the positive in every experience. For them the glass is half full.

WOMEN and MEN differ in personality and how they experience stress. Studies show that women are more social and generally have more friendships. There is also research comparing the chemistry of the female and male body. There is a theory that women could be protected from stress by oxytocin and female hormones. Men tend to have less close relationships and isolate more in old age than women. Testosterone may affect how men react to stress.

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